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Why assisted Living

Helping you find the best care for your loved one.

An assisted living house is often the best solution for elder love ones to live better and safer. It can be a shock for some of them to leave their house and move in a new one but over the time it can become a solution for their being well and happy.

Assisted living houses are safe, guests are controlled 24/7 and they can helped immediately in case of emergency. Appetites can diminish as we age, plus many people don't enjoy eating alone. In an assisted living house elders can eat fresh and homemade food enjoying the company of other people. When people have company for a meal, they generally eat better, so these communal meals can help keep a senior healthy elders don't have to worry about home maintanance or being worried that they can do something themselves and take an unecessary risk.

And mostly important, socialization. Socialization is perhaps the most important reason why you should consider an assisted living house.

About Us

Registered nurse evaluating your loved one, what could be better?

Infinity Senior Placement is a company specialized in finding the right assisted living house for your beloved elders.

Our general Manager is a RN (Registered Nurse) therefore he is qualified to do a proper evaluation of your loved one to find their needs and he can analyze the houses based on both your needs and your loved ones needs.

How it Works

There is NO CHARGE to the senior or family for the services we provide.

Consultation – The first step is to learn family and senior's needs. We gather information about senior's background, personal and medical needs, preferred area, financial needs and any other need to give your loved ones the best option.

Searching options — Once established the needs, we activately search among all the houses in the Phoenix Valley and surrounding areas, the ones that best fit based on what we learned during the consultation.

Tours – We accompany you to visit the facilities before taking the final decision. It is very important to verify the information and the selected options as well as make sure that your loved one will be comfortable in their new living environment.

Final decision – Once you have made a final decision and placement has taken place, we will assist in making sure everyone’s needs are met and we will answer any questions you may have.


What do we provide?

We are a full assisted living placement service. We provide you free consultation to understand your and your senior's needs, we search among the entire Phoenix Valley the best options and you present you the available possibilities. We accompany you to visit the houses and help you to make the final decision.

Our general manager is a Registered Nurse and this is a guarantee that our services are not only "search and find" but more find the right solution for your senior and his/her medical and personal needs.

Our Services
  • Consultation
  • Assisted living houses search
  • Assisted living placement
  • Guided Houses Tour
  • Completely free service!


If you don't find the answer for your question, please contact us.

Our placement and referral services are free of charge.
It is usually time for assisted living if you or a loved one requires daily support and assistance with their activities such as medication management, personal igiene, walking and preparing meals.
We are available 24 x 7. You can contact us by phone or email in any moment and we will immediately assist you.

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We provide you a free consultation to understand the needs of your loved one as well as yours.

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Infinity Senior Placement helped my family to find the right house for my father. The most important is that now my father is happy where he lives also if he was very scared at the beginning.
Marisa Walker

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